Tuesday, November 14, 2006

War & Peace

Here's my war & peace assignment for our interpretive class. The idea behind it is that war and peace act as transitional devices for one another, that one cant really exist without the other and they kind of serve as counterbalances. this is the b and w ink drawing of it, it took at while, and my hand cramped up ALOT. i was pretty happy with how the b&w one turned out, as opposed to the colour one, which shall never be seen again. Shout out to Chadillac and C cash (craig and chad) for all the help with concept, thanks gentlemen for sprinkling some of that vanilla magic this way

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Chad C. said...

Holla at your BOY! A SHOUT OUT!?! Daaaaaaaang, I've never gotten a shout out before...I'll have to prepare a speech and throw it on shades of dumb, haha.

Looks great man, I thought that was done in illustrator the linework was so clean, whatta beast.