Monday, April 02, 2007

Better Dreams of Kong

Many people have mentioned that my recent work involves alot of little kids in slightly confrontational situations....and sadly the first piece here cannot attest otherwise.....
The first two pieces are for this side project that my boy Greg 'Dubone' Dubeau headed, it was titled 'Better Dreams'
and included the works of a talented batch of illustrators :
*i had a little description of everyone who was involved but it was taking way to long to write about everyone, so heres what i came up with instead*
D I R B C N G B!!!!!
its an acronym with all our names...i know, clever :)

and lastly, what would a post be without...*drum roll*
The Burger-King Kong
i hope people dig it, and i apologize for the low caliber of humor, ill try and step it up...if not i expect someone to lay down the Justice!