Monday, October 29, 2007

Dwindling Duality

Yuta told me too...ergo, update! So a reading week has now come and gone, along with a birthday...home is a fickle creature, it feels great to be there but it lusts after my time and physical energy...leaving me full of food and ice cream cake...*yes...there is a difference*. Spending time with the fam helped to center myself, i'm feeling a tad more energized and ready for the next round ...or so my horoscope tells me.

St. Catherines, you've not disappointed me yet. Many thanks to Mr. Murray for inviting me, and Gregory Dubeau for the entertainment.
The last last refuges of zee old sketchbook, the top one features a fanciful little lemur that visited the school one afternoon...the little bastard wouldn't stop moving. Another person who wouldn't quit moving was the equally fanciful Ms. Kniivila, this was done while she painted some lusciously lusty lemons. I (heart) alliterations

Since the last post i've finished and started a new sketchbook...I find myself doing more exploration in this new sketchbook, trying to find a way to communicate my drawings into a more final stage,
thus far its shown me a pretty good time....
and it has this racing stripe on the spine that i think is rather sharp.

I've been dabbling into the digital arena as of expect some of that action soon!