Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Life of ...Drawing

yea i kno clever hun, well i do pride myself on whats up there *points to head*..... glorious lochs of rich Indian darkness.Here are some drawing from this year, hope they look alrite, the photos seemed okay

Some Drawage of LIFE

some life drawings, these ones are from the end of the year last year, except for the last one with all the ladies on it...thats this year

War & Peace

Here's my war & peace assignment for our interpretive class. The idea behind it is that war and peace act as transitional devices for one another, that one cant really exist without the other and they kind of serve as counterbalances. this is the b and w ink drawing of it, it took at while, and my hand cramped up ALOT. i was pretty happy with how the b&w one turned out, as opposed to the colour one, which shall never be seen again. Shout out to Chadillac and C cash (craig and chad) for all the help with concept, thanks gentlemen for sprinkling some of that vanilla magic this way


just some drawings that i had the chance to colour for computers

Digimon digital monsters digimon are the CHAMPIONS! Change into digital champions to save the digital world! Digimon digital monsters digimon are the CHAMPIONS!
Digimon digital monsters!
sorry for that traumatic stress flash back...wait aminute i kno for a fact some of u watched digimon...and LOVED IT!! so i take back NOTHING!!

The One Armed Bandit

Out for revenge on the guy that stole his arm

YAR ! Blog! YAR !

some more sketch book pages...some with explanations...yar!!
If you look closely u can see YUTAAA , and Dani, and Miles(napping) and and olive, who says very unkind things :(This is a page i did at a 'drink 'n draw'...turns out not too many people draw at a drink and draw...they just drink...and talk about drawing...but not much drawing takes place....o well they had guitar hero, so ill let it slide. PS nothing beats a cowboy...except---- *this only works if u read it from down to up, otherwise the surprise has been RUINED!!*

The *NEW* and *IMPROVED* NIMTRON BLOGGGGG.....with less load time *ting*

So after months of no posting, and thousands of browsers crashed...i have returned!!! much like superman in superman returns...cept i cant fly, or throw continents.....but i have worn a cape...great film btw, i cried inside and out from how good it was ....anyways, yea here are some sketchbook pages from my older ske - tch-book

until next time, which will be in like 4 minutes, tootles

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"Thats what puts the MAGIC in Magic Pan!"

Some pieces and sketchbook pages ive done over the break so far, and a few from during the year. Im particularly happy with the Sarah Michelle Gellar portrait, and the Macho Head Games (note: the Seinfeld reference)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Get your hand out of my Temporal Lobe

Here are some of my final projects we had this year. These were pretty much freebies, to kind of have fun with what we were doing, err...in a way

Type is...
all done on illustrator

Sunlight... does the body good

again on illustrator

Cloudy and sunny breaks,
with 70% chance of HANDS!


pen CIL
I llust Trator

Heres a portrait i did of Dracula, created by ...um Bram Stoker's, it is reminiscent of Batman vs. Dracula's version of Dracula.

the portrait was done in gouache, on kraft paper
and the frame was done on....u guessed it, illustrator