Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Naked Shmaked

Decided i should put up some of my life drawings from this year. Life drawing has been super relaxing this year, we just go in and hang out and draw its pretty awesome, all of it due to a Monsieur Harvey Chan. He's awesome...he has a gentle way of shoving you towards progress.

The first two were done within the last few weeks, and the b&w inks are from earlier this semester. Sorry for the bad photos, the colours are a little messed.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Brains are the new Black

This is my first attempt at using after effects (8 weeks into the course, thanks dave *sarcastic thumbs up*). Im pretty happy with how it turned out, although i wouldnt mind going back in and re timing everything. It seems like a fun program that offers up a myriad of avenues for making what the french like to call " le awesome "....

thats right ladies, Im a connoisseur. Hope you digg it.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Better Dreams...

10 x 10", acrylic and ink on paper

This piece was my contribution to the 2nd round of the 'Better Dreams' project. The premise for this project was that we were all given a piece of completely instrumental music, and we had to illustrate our emotional response to it. The first project was lead by Monsieur Dubeau, who for some reason he seems to be popping up on my blog quite a bit...Hey Greg, get your own blog!

Our ol' fearless leader for this second round is the always dapper Dave Murray. The pieces will all be on display in the Sheridan student gallery starting Monday, November 5th.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Dwindling Duality

Yuta told me too...ergo, update! So a reading week has now come and gone, along with a birthday...home is a fickle creature, it feels great to be there but it lusts after my time and physical energy...leaving me full of food and ice cream cake...*yes...there is a difference*. Spending time with the fam helped to center myself, i'm feeling a tad more energized and ready for the next round ...or so my horoscope tells me.

St. Catherines, you've not disappointed me yet. Many thanks to Mr. Murray for inviting me, and Gregory Dubeau for the entertainment.
The last last refuges of zee old sketchbook, the top one features a fanciful little lemur that visited the school one afternoon...the little bastard wouldn't stop moving. Another person who wouldn't quit moving was the equally fanciful Ms. Kniivila, this was done while she painted some lusciously lusty lemons. I (heart) alliterations

Since the last post i've finished and started a new sketchbook...I find myself doing more exploration in this new sketchbook, trying to find a way to communicate my drawings into a more final stage,
thus far its shown me a pretty good time....
and it has this racing stripe on the spine that i think is rather sharp.

I've been dabbling into the digital arena as of expect some of that action soon!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Giant scanners, is there anything they cant do?! well I'm sure theres a lot of things they cant do actually...make origami roses, play laser tag, uh...anything other than scan large and small documents...well what they did do, was scan this piece for me. Its supposed to be my conception of the universe||religion for my philosophies class--it is a work in progress though...i haven't gotten this whole "religion" thing quite figured out yet D:.

Thus far the year has proven to be pretty sweet, interpretive and i seem to be meshing QUITE well; this may in fact be due to a Mr. Marco Cibola or maybe its the shorter hair...who know!? its been going well is all, my ideas really seem to be coming together and the images produced are of a better quality. A sign of good things to come? ....i sure hope so.

Many thanks go out to my fellow chocolaty- textured brethren, Jermaine Hannam, for lending his photog skills.

Mr Dubeau, I hope this picture answers any questions, one would have.
NOTE: blur effect on paintings...yea i did *wink and the gun*

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's Darkest before Dawn...

Moderately happy with how this turned out. I think i'll go back into it and fix up a few areas, later.

The first piece is the final for our OVERheard/UNDERstood project. Still riding off the wave of motivation from summer (working on large canvas' and starting a lot of little personal pieces) i've been inclined to paint and work on alot more pieces this year; a few of us are hoping to get enough pieces together so that we can have a group show in a gallery by the end of this year, or next year ----all the while, an Artist Collective project is being put together (so aptly titled by a Mr. Gregory Dubeau) , while another group project is wrapping itself up (created by the voraciously motivational Juan Solon Carlos, most of the pieces are up here). We all seem to be feeding off each looks like this year should be a good year. Let's go to work.

Announcement Service Public

Summer has come and gone and what a whirlwind 'aventure' it was (yes ladies and gentlemen, thats some french for yo' ass!) . This summer was probably the most eventful and characterizing summers i've ever had. Alot of it came out of change, which smells surprisingly good--- (see bottom for rest)
Here are a few sketchbook pages from my time in Montreal, among the number of awesome things that Montreal had to offer was great food (in particular sandwiches) and attractive people in transit...and attractive people in non-transit. I've come to the conclusion that the government is putting something in Montreal's water, cause the people there are 'ridonculously' good looking.

I participated in 'Art in the Park', which was great, i sold paintings and met many fellows artisans native to Le Ottawa. It really set the tone and motivation level for the summer, and i was lucky to have my family backing me and along for the ride, with a guest appearance by everyones favorite Jermaine Jerome Jackson* (Hannam*).

Numero 2 on the list of big changes, we moved! We bought a new home, which is a great place, im really excited to see how Christmas is going to go down in the new place. Right after that was said and done, i was shipped off to Montreal. I can't say enough good things about Montreal, working there was a great experience. I was working at Genesis Knowledgestreams , a knowledge governance company where i pretty much got an insight on to what goes on in the 'corporate world', my bosses basically took me behind the curtain and showed me the comings and goings of the corporate menage, which was really cool, i got to meet with some of their bigger clients (a la Air Canada, IATA, Diagnos) and got the scoop on a lot of up big things that will "rock" the corporate world. One of the things i was fortunate to be able to work heavily one of said projects. Overall, i couldnt have asked for better bosses and a better summer job.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tweet Tweet

Here are some of the newer pieces i did for Art in the Park. Thus far ive sold the boy with the hat and the bubbleboy. I feel kind of douche-y for not realizing earlier that fiscal motivators are surprisingly motivating. anyways, i feel reborn, like a phoenix ....RISING ...from arizona! i.e. im probably going to continue producing pieces at a similar rate. ergo more blog updates :O?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Art in the Park 2007

Here are some pictures from Art in the Park. Thanks to everyone who came out to see what it was all about, and especially to people to bought pieces : D! Didn't take too many picture on the first day, Jermaine and myself were soaking it all in trying to figure out how to improve our fighting stance for day two.
Jermaine "i aint reppin nothin...just me!" Hannam
...the calm before the storm
Notice the makeshift setup for day one, yes ladies and gents, those are tent poles propping up pieces sitting atop boxes

The always lovely Dominique Fung, holding it down in front of her tent

Dom has a lot of energy coming from everywhere :P,
but Jermaine aint havin none of that

Thumbs up!

The Fung sisters, displaying grace and beauty everywhere they go, personally i find Dom is the more graceful one...sorry Steph

Day Two...Ready...FIGHT!!!

The New and improved setup. boxes are old news.... benches are the new black
The Chocolate brothas

A better look at some of the pieces from day two. A number of pieces are missing, due to sell-ation...yes

All in all, it was a GRRRRREAT weekend, Jermaine almost sold all his Tees , which were all sweatshop free btw...cause they were all silk screened in my basement which is air conditioned. I sold my fair share of pieces and learned alot. You can look forward to seein us next year. Ill probably post more pictures of individual pieces, and some of other paintings and drawings i've done so far this summer.

"what they doin...?"
"They stompin the yard, where you from?!"

Monday, May 28, 2007

Art in the Park

Howdy folks! well this summer been pretty 'kickin' so far, i got a job in montreal that ill be starting in a few weeks, which is swell.
Im looking forward to working there. The company is pretty sweet, and the luxury condo is soooooo...uh...LUXURIOUS.
i have been enjoying copious amounts of food provided by my loving mother, god bless her and her unconditional love. ive been shaving regularly, and sleeping...yes it is true...apparently i do not run on pure energy.
oooo i almost forgot,

"Join us at the 15th Annual Art in the Park!

A celebration of hand-made, original art and the people who create it.

This year's festival takes place:

Saturday, June 2nd & Sunday, June 3rd, 2007
10:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Central Park at Bank Street in the Glebe
(Bank St, just south of the Queensway at Clemow Ave)
Expect to find the unexpected...

Support local artists: please forward this email to friends!"

its a little blurb they gave us to tell people about it.

i've been spending alot of my time painting and drawing, in preparations for this bad boy. I shall be selling said paintings and drawings. And if anyone is going to be in the ottawa region on June 2nd and 3rd, i invite you to come on out to Bank St. and Clemow *cough cough* TABLE 18, and have a look.

it should be swell.

bring you pocket books and daughters!

Ill art it up soon...