Wednesday, June 06, 2007

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Here are some of the newer pieces i did for Art in the Park. Thus far ive sold the boy with the hat and the bubbleboy. I feel kind of douche-y for not realizing earlier that fiscal motivators are surprisingly motivating. anyways, i feel reborn, like a phoenix ....RISING ...from arizona! i.e. im probably going to continue producing pieces at a similar rate. ergo more blog updates :O?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Art in the Park 2007

Here are some pictures from Art in the Park. Thanks to everyone who came out to see what it was all about, and especially to people to bought pieces : D! Didn't take too many picture on the first day, Jermaine and myself were soaking it all in trying to figure out how to improve our fighting stance for day two.
Jermaine "i aint reppin nothin...just me!" Hannam
...the calm before the storm
Notice the makeshift setup for day one, yes ladies and gents, those are tent poles propping up pieces sitting atop boxes

The always lovely Dominique Fung, holding it down in front of her tent

Dom has a lot of energy coming from everywhere :P,
but Jermaine aint havin none of that

Thumbs up!

The Fung sisters, displaying grace and beauty everywhere they go, personally i find Dom is the more graceful one...sorry Steph

Day Two...Ready...FIGHT!!!

The New and improved setup. boxes are old news.... benches are the new black
The Chocolate brothas

A better look at some of the pieces from day two. A number of pieces are missing, due to sell-ation...yes

All in all, it was a GRRRRREAT weekend, Jermaine almost sold all his Tees , which were all sweatshop free btw...cause they were all silk screened in my basement which is air conditioned. I sold my fair share of pieces and learned alot. You can look forward to seein us next year. Ill probably post more pictures of individual pieces, and some of other paintings and drawings i've done so far this summer.

"what they doin...?"
"They stompin the yard, where you from?!"