Thursday, January 28, 2010

En conversa...

I recently did a short interview with Erratic Phenomena about my upcoming solo.
I'm soo thankful to my good friend Amanda for giving me the opportunity to speak a little bit about my work.

Not only is she thorough and insightful with her interview (as per usual), but this episode of EA manages to get raw with the emotions, so sit back, toss on some slow jams (I recommend Stevie Wonder, maybe some Luther Vandross) and enjoy.

Thanks Amanda!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

No time, like showtime

It feels really great to be back in Toronto to work on the preparations for the show. I'm soo thankful for Tessar 'Jung Money' Lo and his wonderful family for taking me in while we prepare for our solos on the 5th of February. All the pieces have been shot, scanned, and framed, which has me all too excited to start working full force on the installation for the show.
If you are interested seeing a preview of the pieces or seeing any of the work for the show, please feel free to email Simon at the gallery about being put on the preview list for the shows.

Be sure to follow mine and Tessar's twitter and flickr accounts as we will be continually updating until the show.
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The waiting game

I kind of went on a bit of a 'animation/film' spree last night, while I was waiting for washes to dry. I thought I'd share some of the the ones that caught my eye. You might have seen some of these already, but hopefully you find most of them as fresh as I did.

Bologna from Jeremy Asher Lynch on Vimeo.

Here's a cool personal project my friend Jeremy is working on.

snow in new york today from Justin Ouellette on Vimeo.

Portishead - Chase The Tear from Mintonfilm on Vimeo.

parkour motion reel from saggyarmpit on Vimeo.

Trichrome Blue from Lois van Baarle on Vimeo.

It was funny stumbling onto this animation, I remember seeing her digital paintings back in highschool, and I was pretty inspired by them at the time. It's pretty cool to see where the work has gone since then.

Happy Monday everybody....oh and Happy Birthday Juan!!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Cry for Help

This is a big day folks.....its my 150th post :D!! I can't think of a better way to celebrate than to share some new work with you.

My great friend Amanda and the fantastic folks over at Thinkspace gallery will be hosting a benefit show called 'A Cry for Help' this friday, January 8th to raise money for all our beautiful friends whom share this planet with us...even the hairy ones.

Thinkspace will be donating 20% of the sale price of each piece to Born Free USA and Animal Protection Institute a non-profit organization that works hard to keep our wildlife safe.

this is my contribution to the show:

'Alaskan Stargazer'
Mixed media on paper, 10" x 10" (framed)

The preview images from the show look really great, i'm really happy to be apart of such a great show.

The gallery will also be hosting adoptions as well as lectures and slide-shows...what a great way to start the year! If you're in the area please go check it out and let me know how it was!

thinkspace gallery
4210 Santa Monica Blvd.
(near Sunset Junction)
Los Angeles, CA 90029
Telephone: 323.913.3375