Thursday, January 04, 2007

HO! HO! HO-lidays!

what a glorious time of year, eh folks. (see that canadian *raises eyebrows vigorously*) Hope every one had a Merry Christmas (...err...or Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus, what ever tickles your fancy) , i know i sure did, got to stuff my face, hangout with my familia, open a box full of dvd's my parents said they didnt buy us (LIARS!!!), and cover my home with a thick, juicy coating of ATMOSPHERE, holiday atmosphere that is.

O mercy, what fun we had.

o btw, the new digs (as indicated by the arrows) are courtesy of my good pal Jon Wang, (whose blog....along with many others of his and ...others, are/is located in the fancy new tabs), he told me my blog looked lame, and i told him...O YEA!....i betchu couldnt make a better one >:P!
and about 15 minutes later...(well more like 15 minutes after i sent him the scans of the peice in the banner and the back) a better blog was born. oo yea, im supposed to say something like he tweaked with geckoandfly's template, or something. anyways, thanks a bunch JONWANG :D!! (PS, its pronounced Jon Wang, like John Wayne, but wang....see what i did there)
anyways enough of my blabbing, ill leave u with a video of whats to come and a picture of my o so adorable cousin, the young one who dances like a fiend and can pick up ANY female within visual range. I place a picture, because he is essentially what i aspire to be.

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Ryan Christiani said...

go go power ranger.....Lets see some more art!!!! you got to get me the hook up on new digs. My site is lacking compared to this D: