Friday, October 16, 2009

These ImagiNative Kids are Alright

Last night I checked out the "Non-compliance: Experimental..." shorts film screening at the ImagiNative Media Arts Festival. Not only did I get to check out some *cough cough* interesting films, but I was able to support two of my dear friends as well. Yuta , who provided illustrations for all the promos which have since flooded Toronto...and Amanda Strong, whose short film 'Honey For Sale' easily stole the show! Amazing work guys! You've made this indian proud!
More swag from International illustration sensation Yuta Onoda! Congrats buddy, this was a beautiful campaign, no one deserves it more.
It was a very 'Medellin' style Q&A Danny Guay and Ryan 'The Dragon's Keeper' Christiani eagerly awaiting the films to start. The evening was filled with a surplus of awesome stuff...namely some wicked t-shirts (see Bear and Wolf above).

Also I wanted to mention that the preview for The Kids are Alright: Final Show is now online.
Please feel free to check out the work.

The show opens tomorrow night, Saturday, October 17th 7-10pm, if your in the area come out and say hi!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend...oh and Happy Indian New Years (aka Diwali) everyone! Go buy have my permission.

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