Saturday, December 12, 2009

Romantic Rights

I will be having my first solo on february 6th, 2010 at Show & Tell Gallery in their project gallery.
The show will be titled,

'i can't love you, but we can romance'

I've been spending the last little while just working away on the show. This is the largest body of work that i've done to date and I'm really excited to be able to show it so close to home.

Also opening that evening will be Tessar with his solo entitled 'everything we wanted, in our nostalgic future,' in the main room. I am so grateful to be able to show with Simon again and to be able to work with Tessar on what we hope to be a really memorable and fun show.

Here are some shots of somethings I've been working on,

Check back for more images and updates.


pete ryan said...

that top image looks stunning. i cant wait!

Yuta Onoda said...

Looks great Nimit!
Can wait to see all the pieces together!! Good luck!

Greg Dubeau said...

Oh boy I'm excited! Lookin' bangarang as usual.

Rachelle said...

Holy shit. Congrats.

I am speechless.


And I will be there!!!

Juan Carlos Solon said...


Nimit Malavia said...

Thanks soo much guys :)

Come Bien Books said...

Beautiful work Sr!

irma kniivila said...


I'll be there to poorly attempt to belittle your success out of petty jealousy!

Ho ho ho ho

Bennett Slater said...

Irma said what we were all thinking...