Friday, February 05, 2010

i can't love you, but we can romance

tonight's the night.

It seems like no time ago that I was imagining what story I should tell, and trying the imagine/remember the beginnings of things... without getting all misty, I just wanted to share how excited i am to exhibit this body of work and share my experiences with you. I can't thank enough my family and dear friends who have helped and supported me through it all. In particular, Tessar, Erika, the Lo family and my own family--this could not have been done without you.

here are some keepsakes you pick up at the show,
'protege-moi de mes d├ęsires' (boy/girl),
two-colour gocco prints on stonehenge, 4 x 6"

(limited edition of 25 each)
Along with the prints, I wanted to put together a little something for all of those who weren't able to take home an original piece of work from the show-- a catalog/zine/keepsake for my first solo show. The catalogs are limited to 95, and measure 4x6" (folded) and 18 x 32" (unfolded) and include some writing, work from the show, plus some drawings, photos, and an artist statement. You can pick up a copy at the opening, just talk to Simon or myself about getting one, or if you have any inquiries about getting a piece of work, print or catalog visit the Show and Tell gallery website.

Also if you haven't had a chance to see the work from the show, visit the S&T gallery website to see the work up from both Tessar and myself. Also, if you have a minute or two, be sure to check the beautiful interview that Amanda had done with Tessar over at Erratic Phenomena about his solo.

things are always just a little bit more beautiful in the dark, so come out and let's celebrate 'everything we wanted, in our nostalgic future,' and 'i can't love you, but we can romance' together tonight, Friday, February 5th, 2010.
Thank you all for your continuing support and hope to see you there.

Show & Tell Gallery
1161 Dundas St. West
Toronto, ON, M6J 1X3

for more information:
+ 647.347.3316

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Chris Coles said...

Amaaaaazing show. Did you guys sell everything yet?