Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Hawk and Squirrel


I apologize for the sparsity of my posts this last little while, I've really been taking the time to try and build up a lot of new work and make it as "fresh" as it can be. Along with that I've been putting together a lot of new work and product for some upcoming shows and expos, but more on that later. Right now I'm very excited to share with you a new endeavor that I am proud to be apart of:

: The Podcast!!

I have the great pleasure of joining the charming bad boys of illustration Chad Covino and Juan Solon as we sit down talk all things art and illustration. Our podcast will touch on all sorts of things that you might be interested to hear about from tools of the trade, to discussions about different methods and processes, and other topics you might be curious to hear about like social media in the illustration world and life as an illustrator. You can also expect a few guest appearances from some familiar names!

We're not certain about which direction the podcast will take or where we will end up, but we hope that you'll join us our way there!

The teaser trailer for our PILOT episode (yes, just like TV) is out now!!

Please head on over to the Hawk and Squirrel blog for trailers, episodes and more information about the show!
Also follow us on Twitter at @hawkandsquirrel


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