Monday, March 27, 2006

calen DAR

some more peices im putting in for my calendar project -_-


Jon said...
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Nimit Malavia said...

hahha, yea man seriously.

But werd on the street is, uve become a quite the ladies man. serena sent me pics of u and ur wimmin ;)

Walmsley said...

“My name is Philip” hahaha… Give me that Chronic What?! Cles of narnia. Dude you got an amazing blog here! I really like the use of color and ur sketchbook drawings. Keep it up

cow said...

Hey nimlo (FAT COW)!!
nice site. i love that panda one you did!!
ok see you when you come home!
lovvee you, miss you,

cow xox

Nimit Malavia said...

lol thanks cow :P, tell everyone at home i say hi, and that ur a cow :P