Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Get your hand out of my Temporal Lobe

Here are some of my final projects we had this year. These were pretty much freebies, to kind of have fun with what we were doing, err...in a way

Type is...
all done on illustrator

Sunlight... does the body good

again on illustrator

Cloudy and sunny breaks,
with 70% chance of HANDS!


pen CIL
I llust Trator

Heres a portrait i did of Dracula, created by ...um Bram Stoker's, it is reminiscent of Batman vs. Dracula's version of Dracula.

the portrait was done in gouache, on kraft paper
and the frame was done on....u guessed it, illustrator

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Chad C. said...

NIMIT!! I FOUND YOUR BLOG!!! Thanks for adding me buddy, MSN me and pass it around to the rest of the gang.

Keep up the good work boss.