Thursday, September 27, 2007


Giant scanners, is there anything they cant do?! well I'm sure theres a lot of things they cant do actually...make origami roses, play laser tag, uh...anything other than scan large and small documents...well what they did do, was scan this piece for me. Its supposed to be my conception of the universe||religion for my philosophies class--it is a work in progress though...i haven't gotten this whole "religion" thing quite figured out yet D:.

Thus far the year has proven to be pretty sweet, interpretive and i seem to be meshing QUITE well; this may in fact be due to a Mr. Marco Cibola or maybe its the shorter hair...who know!? its been going well is all, my ideas really seem to be coming together and the images produced are of a better quality. A sign of good things to come? ....i sure hope so.

Many thanks go out to my fellow chocolaty- textured brethren, Jermaine Hannam, for lending his photog skills.

Mr Dubeau, I hope this picture answers any questions, one would have.
NOTE: blur effect on paintings...yea i did *wink and the gun*


Yuta said...

looks sick nimit!!!is this all done by pencil?? pretty amazing line quality guh!!!keep it up----!!

JuanCarlos said...


JuanCarlos said...
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Anonymous said...

amazing. love the synthesisisism.

Simon Kim said...

love it..