Saturday, February 02, 2008

Dance of the Man-atee

not only is philosophy class nurturing my self-conception...but its proving to be fantastic for sketching

I feel like i've been neglecting my sketchbook lately, i'm spending most of my time between personal pieces and assignments... i haven't been able to put in a good amount of face-time with the ol' girl... just some quick jaunts here or there with the ballpoint. But don't you worry, ill make time...just you, me, and a couple of coats of matte medium...*rraaaaawwrr*


Greg Dubeau said...

I like everything! Especially the drawing of Ryan with the power chin, but especially the conveniently blurred out writing. It's almost like you have something to hide Mr. Bond. True about sketchbook neglect though. No real progress made these days, I'm feeling that. Things will turn around. We should go on a sketch tour one of these days. Savvy?

Yuta said...

nice sketches as usual nim. i really like your explorations here. i see lots of practices on your sketchbook and it really makes me want to do more practice and explore!! insane!!

Dave Webber said...


definitely taking it up a notch buddy, your making it hard to stay on top of all your new moves =)

keep at it, your work is coming along beautifully

your getting damn good at drawing my sexiness as well keep at it lmao