Wednesday, January 30, 2008


10" x 15", acrylic on board

I don't know if its seeing Yuta's pieces come together, Sunday painting party or everyones kind words, but lately i've been so jacked to produce work! Like for the most part, i can't contain myself during the day, because i can't wait to come home and try and finish pieces. This feeling could be best be described as "Bananas". Here's a little practice painting i did one night, while waiting for zee laundry. Hope you diggs it.

PS i should be posting another piece from the Dark Passenger series before the end of the week, so stay tuned Bat-fans!


nate said...

effin cool, man. love the colors and the motion.

Anonymous said...

this guh.

Yuta said...

yah this guy gets soooooooooo many points!!!i like how you incorporate with new move!!keep it up!!!

Juan Carlos said...

Please tell me who this girl is NOW!!

I love it, gets me in the mood...TO PAINT..TO PAINT