Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bi Polar

Here's another piece in the Dark Passenger series I've been working on. This piece was pretty fun to work on, I don't know... bears are just a blast to paint and/or draw. Anyways, this piece is titled "Bi-Polar", the concept behind this one deals with the idea of the separation of the conscious and subconscious self, and delving into the shadow-self with both feet... Bless you Mr. Jung! Hope you enjoy it!

12" x 15", mixed media on paper


Yuta said...

woooooow this is one of my favorite nim!!
it sucks that jpeg reduces so much quality of the actual image. and i know the real piece looks 100000 times better!!
still looks absolutely stunning though!!
nice work!!

GHGraphics said...

Neat-o Talito! Awesome paintings friend-o. We need to dance.

Milesmoo said...

The polar express! straight from ur' brain, out ur' dick, and into people's eyes. I'm loving this piece nimit! good job man!!!!

JuanCarlos said...

For some reason I want to lick it, it reminds me of ice cream!

Chris Coles said...

Awesome piece Nimit. Your strength builds exponentially. Powerful! Nice colours.

Tiger said...

I saw this piece at the Junction art fest on Saturday. It's even more awesome in real life! I wanted to snatch it up but sadly someone had beaten me to it. I did end up getting another piece of work from the same series called "The Guardian" which is equally as marvelous. Thank you so much for creating it! Also, I didn't know you resided in Otts as well, do you have anything showing in town?