Saturday, March 01, 2008

Monstrous Reading

Man, do you know whats better than a mountain of snow outside that you have to shovel like every 60 seconds? ...2 mountains! So another reading week has come and gone here in the wintery capital, this one was pretty interesting...mainly because i spent most of it huddled in my basement...doubling up socks, pants and shirts, with a heater by my feet. I was trying to get alot of painting done this break in preparation for stuff...luckily i was distracted every now and then by some haircuts and ice skating! mmmm...delicious! Anywhoo heres a shot of the desk in my purrents basement, and a piece i was working on.


Irma said...

Look at you go!

I had no idea you had such an intensive rough process.

Dave Webber said...

a well placed one no less...

been to ottawa nimit, your all talk on the snow :) j/k

lookin forward to your return, drive safe

Yuta said...

ohhh new stuff eh?
have a safe trip back here nimit!!
sunday all night painting session from next week again!

JuanCarlos said...

Buy a snowblower you fool
buy a gas one, theyre bad for the enviroment but good for your back. In the end isn't a back the backbone of the environment? Or is it the environment of your back?...wait what?

Think about it, ill see you soon

Anonymous said...

you are so good. i am amazed. soooooo good.

Greg Dubeau said...

You sneaky bastard. Big ups. Do you sleep? Because a mattress commercial on TV said it was unhealthy not to sleep.

Anonymous said...


I have this print! I loved it! I bought it my first year at sheridan! I'm using excessive exclamation points!

But really... this is now my desktop picture.

You're the real thing Mr Malavia. It's like seeing a giant moth.