Friday, April 11, 2008

But I still talk this CA A ASH

I'll admit it, i'm getting soft...this warm spring weather is pretty sweet. if we could get rid of that god awful muddy-wetness i'd be right cool with this season. And for being a good sport--Spring, Congratulations! Your moving up in the power rankings...your now in the top 4.
-the rest of this post will be brought to you in ITALIC-
I did these three while listening to the track 'American Boy' by Estelle feat. Kanye West...I know i'm a little behind, but needless to say I'm a fan! You could say these were semi-inspired by feel of the song, check it out!



Hey not sure if you got my email but you have some amazing work on this blog.

JuanCarlos said...

WOW 2nd and 3rd images are dope!!
it gives your 10% more street cred!

Dave Webber said...

This guy knows, his moves are endless. I'll c-u at school boi!

Yuta said...

i like the first one somehow. makes me sad...makes you sad no jutsu!
keep it up!

CLR said...

these make me feel like i am running in slow motion and panting heavily through a dangerous alley in the nighttime. In the best of ways.

gibby! said...

Nimit you clown, that's some sweet work you got going on! i wish i could say more but no way my head can create something like this. anyway buddy, keep it up and send me pics of cali girls!