Thursday, May 01, 2008

Night Eyes

So I just picked up a new camera a little while ago, and I decided to wrangle up a few folks for a midnight adventure to the lakeshore! I was able to grab Greg, Irma, and Ryan to come along for some night time fun...we quickly figured out that night photography is HARD. The night was filled with happy accidents, motion blurs and cartwheels...that's right! It wasn't just gregor and I, but kniivila and christiani threw down on some of those too! We eventually got a handle on the whole shooting at night thing...i tried messing around with it on manual, while Greg and Ryan were using the 'Night portrait' mode....maybe I should've tried the 'Strong Eyes' setting?


JuanCarlos said...

You have to set your ISO to "STONG"

Ryan Christiani said...

What lies are you spinning here, I am manual all the way, please...other settings...pfffft...I thought you knew me better then that nimit.

Greg Dubeau said...

Yeah Ryan is pretty much the Manual Jedi. These pics are pretty dramatic, with a touch of emo and a sprinkle of teen hyjinx. Big ups. Can't wait to see the Ottawa/L.A. photo shoots.