Thursday, September 17, 2009

Moments before crisis

I am incredibly happy to present my very first silk-screened print 'Moments before crisis'.
This print marks a rather trying time for me and the beautiful things that have been born of it. I hope that I can share it with you.

The prints were hand silk-screened by Jon Todd and is the first print to be released with his new artist print line at 'Jon Todd Prints' . Each print measures 20 x 26" (50.8 x 66cm), and is a limited edition of 25 with a few APs, signed and numbered by me.

Please visit my store for more information.

Thank you!


Britt said...

this is DANG pretty, son.

Hyein Lee said...

Howa. Beautiful prints!

Yuta Onoda said...

Give me one!
great one NIM!!!
I am gonna steal it from you :)

pete ryan said...

i love this!