Friday, September 10, 2010

Sweet Sights

Wow, this weekend totally snuck up on me...I didn't even realize it was the 10th until I checked my google reader and saw Tess' post. This weekend is jam packed with some great openings!
*After reading this, if anyone's feeling particularly generous and has a wicked frequent flyer plan, I would be more than happy to help you get the most out of your miles.

My friends Edwin and Yoskay's show at Roq la Rue gallery will be opening tonight, in Seattle. Here's a preview of their work. As per usual, Edwin and Yosk never cease to amaze.

goodluck guys! Omedetou gozaimasu!


If your looking for something sweet and happen to find yourself on the west coast this weekend, Nucleus will be hosting the follow up to their hugely success Sweet Streets show, with Sweet Street II. (sidebar- every time I read the title i think of Street Fighter II) The charming and xylish Tessar and Yuta have each contributed a few pieces to the show, and posted some previews of the work on their sites, head on over to have a look. The work is looking quite fresh !

And finally back on the east coast, my homeboys at Show & Tell Gallery will be opening a brand new solo show by Dan Bergeron. Some of you who are more "hip" to the streets might know him as Fauxreel. The work is great! I got to see some of the pieces from the show when I visited the gallery last week.

You should go see them. In person. Tonight. At Show and Tell gallery. Dundas and Ossington. Around 7 to 11. Yes I'm telling you what to do. I only want the best for you. Love. Nimit.


Yuta Onoda said...

Thank you Nim :) Pieces from Edwin and Yosk look stunning as always!! I wish I could get to see their work in person -_-;

yoskay said...

thanx guys!!!
come visit us in la soon.

グリー said...