Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wolverine & Jubilee # 1

I'm so very proud to let you know that the first issue of Wolverine and Jubilee is out now, and you can pick up a copy at your local comic book shoppe. As this is sort of big reunion for these two characters, we wanted to have something that really set the tone, and still payed homage to the two's original pairing. Here's some of the process behind it,

Wolverine and Jubilee # 1

Wolverine and Jubilee # 1 - Line

Wolverine and Jubilee # 1 - Sketches

Thanks to Jeanine and Jody for all the direction! Kathryn Immonen has done a wonderful job with the writing and Mr. Phil Noto's interior are just spectacular! You should definitely have a read! (Oh and pick up Uncanny X-Force too. It's ridiculous!)


Melodie said...

Looks great! I always love that graphite on paper... did you ever sell that horse piece?

Robyn Ng said...


RubyStars said...

I checked at both my local comic book stores and they're both sold out of the variant cover you made :( Do you have any copies I could buy off of you?

Anonymous said...

this is awesome! but jubilee's an inch taller than wolverine :<

Scott Brundage said...

Dat. Ass.