Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Wolverine & Jubilee 4

Issue 4 has been out for a few weeks now, and I couldn't be happier! I'm so proud of how this series has gone, and really happy to have been able to package such a wonderful story! Here's some of the process work for the cover.

Wolverine and Jubilee #4
Wolverine and Jubilee #4 - Line
Wolverine and Jubilee #4 - Roughs

Once again, a huge thank you to Kathryn and Phil for doing such a beautiful job with the story and artwork, and a huge HUGE thanks to C B, Jeanine and Jody for this opportunity! Can't wait to do more!


Scott Forbes said...

Really nice work Nimit!

michellewoodward said...

love it! its sitting at my desk right now. Proof that sheridan students can go above and beyond!

JuanCarlos said...

Ohhhhh Hewlllll Yeah
you took that to a whole

Yuta Onoda said...

stunning piece Nim!

pete ryan said...


Nimit Malavia said...

Thanks sooo much you guys!

Keita Morimoto said...