Monday, June 23, 2008

Our Dance...

Here's a little 'in between' piece I just finished. With this one I wanted to go off of a feeling rather than conscious thought. I'm finding different things about the process behind these pieces that I might be that I'm becoming more familiar with the media, or that I'm starting to commit to the vision I have in my head more.....or maybe it's George Michael...who knows!

12" by 14.5" mixed media on paper

"I don't want your freedom
I don't need to play around
I don't want nobody's baby
Part-time love just brings me down!"

*note: this piece is not about George Michael


Yuta said...

stong!! It's great that you are getting familiar with the media.
"Somebody tell me,
Won't you tell me...
Why I work so hard for you?"
this was not from wham!

commandax said...

Love the dark/bright colors and exuding of light. Like how you've described the sensation of falling so economically, and avoided idealizing or eroticizing the figure. Interesting and mysterious.

Juan Carlos said...

This is tight!!!


Greg Dubeau said...

Ahahahahahahah, your logic is flawless.

pete ryan said...

dude, your voice is getting so strong!

Britt said...

diggin' those toes.

scott belcastro said...

it's amazing what the kids can do these days.