Sunday, June 01, 2008

Samui goings on

So things here in LA have been pretty awesome... we've been kickin' it with the project:boys in the loft here in Little Tokyo, going on little field trips to museums, show openings...its been, as they say in america..."rad"!
work space in the loft
Yuta 'going for it' in front of project.
Beau... probably giving a pep talk to yosk and nate.
Yuta...enjoying the little things
Tessar...showing off his strong eyes

Nara dog at Royal Tea
We were all blown away by Tiffany Bozic's solo at Kinsey/Deforges
Yuta kind of fell in love.
12" by 16" mixed media on paper

Artwalk was a pretty incredible experience, the were people flooding the street of Culver City checking out the galleries and pieces. Here's another piece i had on display @ project:gallery for the artwalk. Thanks to everyone who came out to check out the festivities. We've all been working alot in the studio, so i'll post some of that soon! LAter!


Anonymous said...

kanye needs to write "canadian boy".

Yuta said...

that's rad!!!keroppi

beau b said...

its been real, its been fun...but i cant say its been real fun.

Anonymous said...

the fact that you haven't updated your blog is samui.

scott belcastro said...
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