Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wind-up bird

It's pretty sweet working in the studio, besides gathering up some of that tastey knowledge, and enjoying a healthy dosage of Kirin Ichiban and Five Oaks... it gives me a swift motivational kick in the beee-hind to keep producing pieces at a faster pace. Here's a little preview of some of the pieces I've been working.

I kind of failed on the last piece...I was really digging the piece when i started, painting the insides and everything, but I totally dropped the ball when it came to the finish of the face, so I was pretty depressed about it. It turned out to be a bit of a blessing though, I was able to focus and really develop a clearer mental process for the ladder pieces.

There's still alot of elements I really enjoy about it so I'm going to try and bring it back...let's see how round 2 goes...HADOUKEN!


Ryan Christiani said...

Second one down looks amazing.

commandax said...

Oh, my. Can't wait to see more of these.

Yuta said...


JuanCarlos said...

The 3rd ones looking real good!
the 2nd ones looking real strong!!!

Anonymous said...

well, hell.

way to be an amazing artist, NIMITTT.



sophan said...

nimit, your work is superb!!!!

pete ryan said...

oh my god that second one down is going to be amazing

Irma Kniivila said...

It's like.

Man, that's a beautiful swirl of red, and then,



I reckon you're the closest anybody has ever come to making guts look beautiful, and trust me, that is saying hella lots.

On another note, something very james jean about the second! Reeeeeeaaal lovely, nimit, real lovely.

Nimit Malavia said...

Thanks so much guys!

I've been trying to make these pieces as honest to myself as I can, so I really appreciate the kind words...especially about the bowels!!

Anonymous said...

are you a graphic designer?

spilling wine on things helps if ever you're stuck.

GHGraphics said...

Counter your hadoken with a SHORYUKEN!!!

Where did you learn to draw? These suck.

KIDDING!!! You know my heart's tender for you and your art Nimit. These are flavourtastic as always.

Peter Chan said...

zencu!! I want more kirin haha
great to see u guys in LA!! was awesome time and love ur new work. its inspiring to see you guys work in the studio. keep it up. lets meet up sometime when u and yuta are bak in TO.

have fun!

Dave Webber said...

Way to go Nimit! I'm laughing at how u think what u have got down is a screw up...don't worry its just not the right time for it. Set it aside and come back to it when you see something else you can achieve with it..

I'm looking forward to catching up old buddy 19th is fast approaching, filled with copious amounts of sushi, sans poulet!