Thursday, September 25, 2008


it feels like it sometimes....

Most of you have probably read or heard of Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman' series...I am sooo excited to be apart of the 'Endless Reflections' tribute show that's going on. Besides being able to contribute a piece to such a tremendous mythology, I'm so grateful and honoured to be in a show along with soo many artists that I've looked up to for so long...I'm pretty nervous, haha.

Here is my contribution to the show
'fades away, without fear or pain'
28" by 24", mixed media on paper

Here are the details on the show.
And a few of the other contributors work
Can you guess who they are?

Take care!


t e s s a r * said...

excuse you, this is a nice piece, sir.

nice pieces by the other two also, ;)

JuanCarlos said...

nimit!! I love the media use!!!

Yuta said...

hotness!!!It's really expressive nim.
I can feeeeeeeeeeel it.
nice work!!

Anonymous said...

ashley wood and tessar lo lo lo lo

your painting rocks

marcus said...

nice. that's 5 mins from my house

pete ryan said...


CLR said...

Oh Nimit.
I just want to cuddle you all the livelong day.

Ale Diaz said...

NImit, congrats bro!!!! OMG I know that series and I am a fan of Dave McKean. Your work is pretty sweet, I've seen some pieces at the Smash Gallery, congratssss!!!!

Peter Hong Chan said...