Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Weekend in the City...

Firstly, a great big thank you to everyone who was able to make it out to the show on Saturday! We had a pretty stellar turn out, and it was soo great to be able to talk to everyone. You don't know how much it means to me...

It felt sooo great to go back down to LA and see the bros and everyone again. Honestly, we'd been away for two months but it was like no time had passed at all. As soon as we got back downtown, we dropped our bags off at the loft and hit up the old spots for some laughs and some good eats....Zencu very much!
Tess even surprised Yuta and I with some news, that our boy Fred Hon was gonna be coming down for the show and to check out LaLa Land! Sooo sick to party with Fred and the guys -aaaiiizeeeeeee!!!
Here are some pics from the weekend,
Right before the show, and somehow this guy.... stone cold
Yuta, looking 'fresh'
hmm...whose this charming devil?? Must be Tessar Lo! Dom and Martha bringing some feminine charm to the show, if only Yuta and I looked this good...
project:gallery's version of a 'Jack and coke', big thanks to Jack for holding down the bar
*obligatory crowd shot**obligatory crowd shot* + Yuta

Culver City was burning up Saturday...the night was rammed with a ton of great shows. We were able to duck out for a few to go check out some of the other galleries, in particular Ian Francis over at Kinsey/DesForges. The show left me speechless.
Edwin, Jeremy, and Keisuke...stunned
Some art lovers checking out Martha's work, the piece on the right...probably my favourite piece in the whole showBeau, getting all teary eyed about this being the last show at project:... actually, he's probably talking up the sweet new gallery space we're moving toGroup shot with the boss man, Thanks Beau!
After the show we hit up Hop Louie's over in Chinatown for some drinks, some dancing, and of course a whole lot of Journey.... "Don't stop believing!" We ended the night with some late night chinese, and some drinks back at the loft. One of the best nights I can remember...

Sunday we all woke up with a craving for some Pho, and after that we spent most of the day kickin it at Beau's. Seeing as it was our last day there, he kicked us out and told us to go to the beach....there's a reason why he's the leader.

So Yosk, wrangled the the four of us up and took us down to the beach in Santa Monica. The feeling of being able to put your feet in the warmth of the sand and to have the waves push and pull you....somehow, felt so right! haha

it really is as pretty as everyone makes it out to be
Big thanks to light pollution for the 'Kanye West'-esque sunset...the perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

We'll see you soon LA!
Thanks for the fun, friends and fresh faces!

* here are a few more pics from the show, thanks Marcus!


Yuta said...

it was so sweet to go back in LA and see all the friends there! this almost made me cry...i am so sad now...miss them so much and that was an amazing experience!!

CigaretteFish said...

lets get this handsome devil on the side of a bus. i want that face ten feet high. your works looking the best. we'll hug in the halls soon.