Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Paper Tiger

I'm very excited to say that Paper Tiger is doing a limited edition of 10 prints of my "Spark" piece, from the 'fresh faces' show. The prints look fantastic, and are 12" by 16" signed and number. This was probably one of my favorite pieces I did for the show and I'm so glad that it's available for people bring into their homes.

"The spark that hath set fire"

Here's a link if your interested.


marcus said...

only 6 left!

Catherine J. Cruz said...

sold out!? i wanted one! hey nimit, checked your work out through project gallery's site. i love your details and linework. it's wonderful! and man, at 20?! already so refined...thanks. keep it up.


cluttermonkey said...

sold out too fast! i wanted one

lb said...

so awesome!