Friday, November 14, 2008

Gotta look up to get down

Here are the final versions of the Obama-Mccain pieces I was working on for my interpretive class. I'm not gonna go into the concept stuff with these two too much...mainly cause I don't want any crazy canadian Pro-Mccainer (like there are any) sassing me out. But it was interesting the way in which my teacher Thom, art directed this piece; Part of it was he pushed me to try and find a more harmonious use of the text elements and the visual itself, to see if I could marry the two.

It's been pretty awesome to have Thom as a teacher, I think the line he said to me on the 3rd week of class kind of sums it up, "Big things Nimit. Don't be afraid to get messy with it, I want you to scare me, really scare me with your work...let's f*ck it up!"

PS. I know I'm a little off with my Mccain...he's got more of a Cheney vibe too him for some reason. scaaarrryyyyy


take care folks

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Greg Dubeau said...

Ahahahahah, Tom. Great stuff. And your McCain looks great.