Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ghostly International

Last night, Melodie and I went out to see the Ghostly International 10 Year Anniversary Show at the Drake Hotel. The venue was super sweet, they had three projections setup around that would be playing sweet videos while the performers were on. They had this hilarious video of a cat running back and forth, and closeup shots of a waffle...bangarang!

It was awesome to see the performances by Lusine, Michna, Raw Paw, Milosh, and SV4...they all brought really different and unique "flavors" to their music which was effing rad! For me though it was especially amazing to see TYCHO perform. Some of you may know him from his graphic design work as ISO50 (aka Scott Hansen), but if you haven't checked out his music, you definitely should. Super cool guy, after buying some prints we got to talk to him for a bit and he showed us some things he's been working on. He was even kind enough to sign our prints!

It was amazing to see artists show such an incredible passion for their craft.. Watching all of them perform was soo inspiring and fun...these guys know how to ball hard. Makes me want to go check out more concerts and shows....maybe Phoenix next :O??

Aside from a little bit of rainy weather outside, it was a pretty amazing night.
Take care.


Ryan MacDonald said...

Yes for Phoenix. I got my tickets. :D :D :O

Juan Carlos Solon said...

Your uninvited to Phoenix at the Phoenix!!

I got my tickets!!! SHROYUKEN

Yuta Onoda said...

The show looks so good!
and closeup shots of waffle...
what a tease!

Melodie said...

Ooo you used one of my pictures. Looks good, represented well