Friday, May 01, 2009

ILLUSTRATION : The Drawcumentary

It was incredible to see the risks people would take and the different avenues that would be explored in my last semester at Sheridan, people were really stunning on all fronts with their work. Just to spice it up, RANDOM LINKS TIME!! ! @ # $ % ^

I'm sorry for that, I was reading Juan's blog and laughed and came back to mine and got depressed, so we're gonna try and make it happy happy!

Anyways, the reason for the post, I wanted to show some love and respect to my boy Greg Dubeau. He really put a tremendous amount of work into his film this semester that was something truly different to the illustration program and opened many of our eyes to what this program can be. It's probably the best year book I could ask for.

ILLUSTRATION: The Drawcumentary from Greg Dubeau on Vimeo.

The documentary really gives you a taste of what the end of the year was's kind of comforting to watch while eating a bowl of cereal and reminiscing.

I'm soo happy to see that he's been getting so much internet love from this! Way to go buddy!

PS he's making DVDs, if you want one EMAIL HIM ABOUT IT!

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Greg Dubeau said...

~ single tear ~
thanks bro.