Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cooking with Christiani

This past year my main man Ryan Christiani and I would go on little culinary adventures in the kitchen... as many know beyond just being fantastic at the guitar, 'bicycletteing', FPSs, and hair growing....he is a CULINARY LEGEND. I dubbed our little cooking episodes "Cooking with Christiani"
Book jacket cover photo...sooo mysterious
Ryan proved to be quite the adventurous chef, he would dabble in a little bit of everything from reductions to vinaigrette...stuffed portobello mushrooms to exciting medley's of flavors and sensations!
Exciting dinner meals, and deserts too! (no photos of those though :( )
Once he fashioned a very awesome makeshift cake out of two cheese cakes and some do it yourself icing! It was pretty awesome!
Christiani constantly has the ladies clammering over him...but always succumbs to his true passion.
We would invite guest chef's to come in every now and then ... a iron chef style (of course Ryan was always Mario Batali). Sometimes they would be more Country themed episodes, and others a little Asian fusion.
With the swagger of a young Jamie Oliver and the looks of an irish Giada De Laurentiis, Mr. Christiani has opened my eyes to the great land that is 'Flavor country'.

Thanks buddy! And Happy Birthday!!


Garrett Hanna said...

I had no idea Ryan was such a renaissance man! The world needs more of the type...

Greg Dubeau said...

Hahahahahahahah, this is so heart felt! I love it.

Ryan Christiani said...

HA!! Thanks nimit, thanks for setting up tonight! I miss that kitchen and the time we had in it!

Melodie said...

I am really happy to see this... the dream is coming alive