Monday, August 31, 2009


Yesterday I was finally able to check out the last day of Fanexpo 09. It was pretty awesome...soooo much stuff to see, and oh sooooo much money I wish I could spend on cool stuff! This year was especially awesome, because so many friends were taking part in are some photos I snapped from the event. Disclaimer: There are A LOT of shout outs in this GO TO THE LINKS!
Again...somethings must be bought on principle....or if persuaded to by Megumi Chan!
Technical illustrators extra-ordinaire Mark and Steve checking out the goods...
Leslie also checking out the goods....
Mr. Lo personalizing his zines with some custom sketches
Yuta, Peter and Wesley, probably discussing the finer points of the convention.... or the latest issue of Naruto.
The always hilarious and talented Craig and Rosemary doing their thang....originally we had them looking very hood...but they opted for the 'fake hood' look...i.e. Richmond Hill
*obligatory merch shots*
Irma clearly keeping a watchful eye on Bennett's table.

The always dashing Bennett Slater, standing next to an equally handsome Caped Crusader. For some reason Bennett seemed to be quite the hit with the more "exotic presenters" at Fanexpo...FACT.
Andrew 'Drizzley Bear' Patterson in all of his FanEXpo glory
The awesome and ever adorable Darryl Graham
Needless to say it was a very exciting place to be! Ryan just couldn't contain himself!
Soooo now that Disney's bought out Marvel.....I guess we'll have Thor singing "I can show you the world... Shining, shimmering, splendid! Tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?" (that probably went on longer than it should have)Here's a shot of all the swag I was able to pick up :)
After walking back and forth to my car like 6 times... finally finished the night off with some sushi at Sushi Time!! Ton's O Fun! Hopefully next year I'll find myself at one of them tables with my goods. Congrats to everyone who took was le Awesome!


Juan Carlos Solon said...

Wow!! whatta Fan! Whatta Expo!

Bennett Slater said...

no Ben glamour-shots, no Ben merch purchases, and a broken link... I'm just dead inside.

P.S.. You've made a powerful enemy this day.

Nimit Malavia said...

Look again old boy...there appears to be a newly added Bennett Slater tribute section to this post...with working links :o!!

I was gonna post the topless shots...but I figured I do a separate post entirely for that.

Bennett Slater said...


we once stood side by side in battle, Nimit.. I am here to honor that allegiance.

p.s... I still have that strippers contact. The dance continues.

Yuta Onoda said...

Thanks for stopping by Nim!

Leslie said...

oh man, what a great blurry photo of me clutching ryan's boob. awesome