Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Somebody's little girl dreams of the things she read

'Visions of a future casting judgment, forging promises, of a world that cannot be.'

This is another one of my pieces that I'm contributing to The Kids are Alright show at Show and Tell Gallery this Friday. I got a chance to see the rest of the work in the show today, and it looks really great! I'm pretty excited...I might just have to wear an extra deep V D:. If your in the area, please come by and say hi. I will also be contributing a larger 36" x 48" canvas to the show as well. I'll try and post up some photos of it a little later.

'Somebody's little girl dreams of the things she read'
Mixed media on wood, 24" x 30"

The preview for the show should be up sometime tonight or tomorrow, so check back to the Show and Tell site for that. Thanks again to Simon and Beau.


Carlie Russelle said...

She's beautiful Nim!
Good luck with the show!

pete ryan said...

VERY nice