Sunday, November 22, 2009

Design Monogamy?

Who says you should only have one love at design and illustration that is *ahem*. I met up with cool guy Ben Weeks the other day to hang out and grab some drinks. We indulged in some over-sized Hoegaarden pints and discussed how we can ball hard like Bruce Mau.
He had mentioned a few months back that he'd been working on his new promo poster, and showed me some of the sketches. I finally got to see the finished version of it the other night, and grab a copy for myself. The poster is beautifully designed and executed! And getting some sweet press.

You should head on over to his site if you want to grab a copy of it for yourself.

Awesome work Ben!


pete ryan said...

Ben is amazing

Come Bien Books said...

Nice letters homie!