Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Empire Statements

Wow, talk about big tings!
I've been meaning to post up these images from when I got back last week but I've been really busy with work (which is awesome!) and packing and sending off all my belongings for my move to Ottawa. I'm now down to my bare essentials, and trying to wrap everything up...which is cool i guess, very nomad-ish. Kind of taking this week and a bit to meet up with everyone before I head back home and sort of totally tunnel vision on the solo in February at Show & Tell. Anyways, the trip!

NY was amazing! It seemed to go by way to quickly... it was so great hanging out with all the west coast homies again, they really came correct, ties and everything. I feel sooo incredibly fortunate that I was able to venture through the big city with Amanda and Tessar...and an especially big thanks to Amanda for making the impossible possible. Here are a few photos from the trip
11 hour bus + David Bowie= no thang at all
I feel like a big douche when I do this, but I was able to snag a sketch from Joao, before we powered down on our lychee martinis
Joao, Tess, Roman, and Amanda in all their soft focus gloryI love of direct New Yorkers are.
A few of the sights from the MET. I wish I could have taken some photos at the Kandinsky exhibit, that was absolutely ridiculous! One thing I love about taking trips down to the States, is how cheap the art supplies are! I think I bought about 7 sketchbooks for the same price as one moleskine here in Canada...is this the price we must pay for free health care?!
Some sketchbooking with T lo.

You can see more of the photos I took from the trip on my flickr account...be gentle, it's still new.

Also you can check out some of Tessar's photos from the trip, plus some works from the 'Zachary Quinto trio'

This was easily one of the best trips I've ever taken...it was incredibly nourishing, and sooo many laughs. I think the best way to describe the trip would be a mash up of
Jay-Z and Street Fighter....and maybe a little Miley Cyrus -Party in the USA.

It was awesome meeting all the new friends and thanks again to everyone who made the trip as great as it was. :)


SaraHaase said...

So I just discovered your art and am losing my shit over it. You're incredible. I have so many questions to ask, but have forgotten all of them - except - what is that shark image you posted? It's delicious.

Nimit Malavia said...

I really appreciate all the kind words! The shark is a picture of Damien Hirst's Tiger Shark.