Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's not jibberish~

I've been remembering and dreaming a lot lately. And it's strange, but when I remember old memories, it has that old's dated. but its not the same for dreams. When I think back to a dream that I've had they seem fresh and new, like they simply time, no date, just is. The same goes for scent. I was taking a late night walk in my neighborhood, and though it was late, someone had an urge for some barbecue. The smell of smokey fire was lingering in the air all along his street. Walking by I was instantly reminded of the feeling of campfire, and looking in the sky in the Fall season. Not one memory in particular, but a blend. It felt like a new experience, but made from an old sensation. Like the dreams. Timeless nostalgia.

The smell of Fire in a Fall Sky.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nimit, like your 'a new experience, but made from an old sensation'. good to hear your sharing :).

mrs. Lo