Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gliders I Wright?!

This piece was done for my interpretive illustration class, we had to design a coffee sleeve that would be chic and protective from the scalding heat of gourmet coffee. It was also suppose to tie into some of the contemporary designs of Pearson Airport's Terminal 1. We could choose between 3 campaigns/audiences for this project (Red Eye, Sky Blue, and Jet Fuel) . I decided to go with Sky Blue because it was a pretty open direction where i could really put my spin on it, so i decided to go in a kind of nostalgia-flight history direction. An ode to the super wrightbros, if you will. ...i.e. i got to draw gliders and a guy name orville. I was pretty happy with it, it was fun to do... Im still very unsure of myself in the digital colouring arena, something im going to have work at.

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