Monday, January 14, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry
Adobe Illustrator, 300 dpi

I was also thinking of going with the title 'Casino Bro-yale', but Claire wasn't having any of that. This was the final project for my Information Illustration class, the project was a personal poll of some kind. For mine i decided to secretly document my brothers daily habits against those of my own. As you can probably guess this became a competition really quickly. Once all the data was collected Claire and i came to the conclusion of representing the information as a circular chart--that would also tie in with the whole spy vs. spy/ James bond feel i was going for with the Vector portraits. The panel from the National Post was back again for the critique, Richard Johnson, Kagan Mcleod and Andrew. Overall i was really satisfied with how this turned out and the presentation went really well, with a few minor adjustments that were made.


Juan Carlos said...

NIMIT!! ultra 2008 postage!!

I love how this was executed the graph fits the concept nicely! As well it is easy to read and flows really well. Great job!

Yuta said...

wow!!super huge updates nim!!I love this info graphic sooo much! its easy to read, people are drawn very clean and tight. I really have nothing to say about this nim!Amazing work!

Irma said...

I can't believe she wasn't down with casino broyale.

The quality could have been shit, and I still would have accepted it on bad pun merit alone.

I suppose you can't win them all.

GHGraphics said...

Gaaaaahaha Amazing.

Nimit Malavia said...

juan, yuta - aww thanks guys, i can really feel the love tonight!

irma- haha too bad claire doesnt share your love of terrible puns and umbrellas

Garrett- you shouldve seen how put out mihir was when he found out i was secretly documenting him