Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Recipe for Bee-ing Queen

11" x 13", mixed media on paper

Sooo....who likes bad puns? Really?! that many of you...i bet you wanna know where you can find more....well, look no further. This was our first illustration assignment since coming back, it was something that made us reflect on our own work, and sort of assess our methods and filters for visual problem solving. The idea was that we had to come up with a recipe for just about anything, in this case i chose a Recipe for 'bee-ing Queen', (another idea i threw around was How to make a Bloody Mary.... involving a vampire and a girl named Mary). Overall, i'm moderately satisfied with the execution of the painting, and drawing---but i'm pretty much unsatisfied with the direction it ended up going, i felt like a lot of passion was lost from when i was working on the rough to the final. It took on a much more narrative direction, something i consider a bit of a crutch of mine, an i've been fighting to change. But after a lengthy, and very insightful conversation with Marco, we came up with a tentative solution that i think should help me break some of my nasty nasty habits.


Yuta said...

i'm happy that you were able yo finish the piece!sunday all nighterrrrrrrrrrr!!!this week!!!

James Edward Clark said...

ha ha she looks just like Mel